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Casino Night April 5th

Welcome to 2014 Baseball Season!!

*Our first fundraiser is going to be April 5th at the Fieldhouse.  We will be having a casino night!!! This event is for anyone over 21 years of age.  We are asking that each team sponsor at least 1 table for the evening. The cost will be $150.  You can either get a company to do it or the team itself can pitch in the money to do it.  We are hoping to get 20 tables that night so we need everyone to reach out to companies for sponsoring a table.  We will have more details in the coming weeks.  Anna Slocum is heading up this event and we appreciate all her work!  We are asking that each team have 1-2 representative to help plan this fun night.

*We will be having our first meeting on Tuesday, January 28th.  Please let Melissa (melissalathrop@reeceandnichols.com) or Anna (annaslocum@aol.com) know if you can help!

*We are planning the golf tournament again and it will be in the fall late September or early October on a Friday afternoon.  We need lots of help for this event and lots of golfers!

*We are also looking for Company sponsorships for the Midwest Blacksox Organization.  Since we are a not-for-profit entity we are able to offer tax right offs to companies and/or  advertisement opportunities.  IF you know of someone that might be interested, please let Kyle Bates know and we will be happy to help discuss the possibilities with them.  We have letters that we can mail out to potential companies, explaining all the great things the Blacksox organization does for the boys.

Finally, to make all these activities run smoothly we need parental support and help.  I am hoping each team will have at least one or two parents who will step forward to be the contact person for the team.  This way, you get all the correct information about activities going on from one person.

Once again if you would like to help or have questions please feel free to contact me at 913-244-7292 cell or email melissalathrop@reeceandnichols.com.

Thank you,

Melissa Lathrop

    Kyle  Bates

    Kyle Bates

    Program Director

    Phone: 913-327-7678